How to use swim paddle

The swim paddle can Increase strength

We all know that the swim paddle area is large, and the resistance to water is naturally relatively large.

When we wear swim paddle, our hands naturally become bigger.

I get more resistance when paddling because I can draw more water with each stroke. The speed is naturally faster.

It is the increased resistance to the hand that requires the arm to use more force to swim paddle.

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Is it possible to exercise the muscle strength of the arm invisibly?

Of course, please note that the swim paddle is not suitable for long-distance swimming because it is used to increase strength, not endurance, short swim paddle is more suitable.

Swim paddle can Improve swimming skills

Do you know what the original intention of using swim paddle is?

To increase the level of the palm,

Thereby enhancing the feeling of water throughout the stroke stage.

When you bring your swim paddle in the arm, it will help you feel the angle of the stroke stage better.

Like the whole stroke course, it helps to experience the S-stroke, inner stroke, outer stroke, and so on after holding a high elbow.

Swimming with a swim paddle will exaggerate every move we make in the water, so when you swim, it is easier to identify the accuracy of the posture.

In particular, this kind of swim paddle that can only hold the fingers can easily fall off if the posture is incorrect when swimming.

This can remind you whether the palm angle is wrong or there is a problem when paddling.

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The fins are not meant to be used casually. You need to pay attention to the following points to prevent injury.

◆ If you have a shoulder injury, it is better than avoiding the use of swim paddle.

◆ Do not use your swim paddle for more than 25% of your swimming time.

◆ Partners who have never been used or have weak shoulders need to be gradually stepped in order to avoid injury.

◆ Use swim paddle after warming up, but do not use swimpaddle when you feel tired.

In daily use of hand paddle fins, pay attention to these points to avoid some injuries.

It must be remembered, very, very important.

I recommend using the hand paddle during the last round of your training.

For example, if you are doing 4 times of 4X100 freestyle, you can add swim paddle to make the last set.

In the last group, it will inevitably be slower than before, and you can have the speed of the first group with your hand paddle.

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Here are some cautions about using swim paddle:

1. Unfasten the wrist strap of the paddle, leaving only the rubber bands on your fingers, so that when you use the wrong posture, the paddle will fall off to remind yourself.

2. When using the swim paddle, keep your fingers close together in your heart to avoid developing bad habits when taking off your webbed.

3. Try traction with your chest and back muscles so you don't overuse your shoulders.

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