1. Non-toxic, eco-friendly silicone.

2.Washable,easy to clean.

3. Professionable andhigh quality.

4. Soft and comfortable
Customized Swim Cap

No Minimum Order Silicone Swim Hat 


POQSWIM Ltd was established in 2006. We now are the world's largest competitive swimwear shop. We stock a vast variety of swimwear and accessories. Our mission is to supply swimmers with the tools they need to achieve their swimming goals, whether you're swimming for fitness, competitively or just for fun!

Custom Swim Cap

Using natural high quality environmental protection silicone, Non-toxic, health. Anti-static, high elastic. Can be customized, clearly embossed LOGO.

Custom Swim Goggle

Customized to your facial structure to relieve any tension. Proprietary technology ensures a perfectly fitting gasket with zero water leakage.

Custom Swimwear

Personalized knee-skins, briefs, one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit, we use high-quality fabrics that work best in chlorine-mixed water.
Keep your child protected when playing or swimming in the sun with our junior’s swimsuits

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Women’s powerskin swimsuit training racing wwimwear, Lightweight,  comfortable fabri

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Hand swim paddle power swimming training paddle, used for all four competitive strokes

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There are great for special events and teams. With our fast delivery times we can help you have swim caps, swimwear, swim goggles and more swim gears in time for your event.


• Like latex swim cap, silicone swim cap can provide protection from the chlorine and reduced drag while swimming • Silicone swim cap are more comfortable cap to wear when you are swimming • They slide on easier without sticking or pulling your hair • Silicone swim cap are thicker and stronger than the latex swim cap • Fits adults and children • Made from soft and durable silicone
• 1. ECO-FRIENDLY AND WATERPROOF: This product is made of silicone, eco-friendly and waterproof. • 2. FLEXIBLE AND WEAR-RESISTANT: This cap can protect hair from damage and corrosion from disinfectants, and is flexible and wear resistant. • 3. STYLISH APPEARANCE: This swimming cap has beautiful cartoon design, with stylish appearance. • 4. FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES: Made of pure silicone material, it is waterproof and durable, full of elasticity, comfortable to wear, protecting hair, smooth, which makes swimming faster.
Feature: 1. Non-toxic, eco-friendly silicone. 2.Washable,easy to clean. 3. Professionable andhigh quality. 4. Soft and comfortable
• Elastomeric fit with a super soft silicone design • Soft, silicone construction won’t snag or pull hair • Micro grid texture for superior comfortable • Durable construction
• 100% silicone • Attractive design • Durable material • Hypoallergenic • Easy to take off and on without snagging hair


•Over nine color is available •Swimming goggles with exclusive patented Neoprene strap • Made by soft, comfortable Neoprene • No hair pulling • Goggles floating • Easy adjustment even for kids
Polycrabonate Lens: Anti-fog, UV protection with wider and clear visual field Replaceable Nose Bridge: S, M, L optical size for selection, soft&comfortable Sealed Anti-vibration silicone Gasket: 100% silicone material, eco-friendly, waterproof Belt Bucklel: Quickly adjustable buckles, suitable for different people Adjustable strap: Soft silicone material, comfortable fit and durable
• Lens: PC,UV Protection, anti-fog!! • Frame& Gasket: silicone • 100% UV protection, shatter-resistant • Polycarbonate high-impact lens • Anti-fog treatment • Super soft silicone gasket and Neoprene patented design strap • Fashion, stylish design
Get clear 180-degree visibility, along with comfort and durability with this oversized pair from POQSWIM Kayenne swim goggle. You’ll get a cozy, leak-free fit without the leaking water to your eyes. Need to adjust mid-stroke? Their convenient push button makes loosening and tightening the straps a cinch. These goggles are also scratch-resistant and anti-fog
Material informations: • PC lens with UV protection,anti-fog • silicone uni-body seals and split yoke headstrap. • Auto lock side clip system for easy strap adjustment • Adapt to kids for 4-16 years old • Effectively protect eyes from chlorine and water • The silicone strap adjuster provides easy, comfortable and secure fitting
Anti fog protection swimming goggles Material: slicone frame and PC lens Color: black , blue and pink Size use for adult, women and men use
Mirrored lens swim goggle, With 4 different color, start from 60pcs Anti-fog, UV protection Three different size nose exchange can be changed, suit for different people, Fashion style, eco-frendly, harmless, non-toxic, safe
The clear lenses on prescription swim goggle give you the best sight for swimming inside, especially if you swim at night or the pool at your swim club doesn't have big windows. A gliding clip adjustment makes it easy to adjust the fit even while the goggles are on your head, so you can crank out laps instead of fidgeting with straps.
1. Fresh multiple color clear coating PC lens, unique. 2. Professional PC Lens, 100% UV protection. 3. Super crushes resistance 4. Professional optical treatment added, more durable lens 5. Nanotechnology coating film lens. 6. Food level silicone gasket, comfortable and safe. 7. Super anti-fog, keep longer.


Improve stroke technique Improve arm strength and muscle memory Used for all four competitive strokes Useful swim paddle for synchro swimmers, water aerobics, & rehab Holes allow water flow and natural stroke feel
*Open weave mesh for strength and quick drying *Shoulder straps for backpack carry *Equipment bag for all training gear: fins, paddles, snorkels, kickboards, buoys, straps etc. *Fun prints bring personality to the pool
The new POQSWIM Swimming Snorkel is the ideal choice for the swimmers who are looking to imporve their stroke. With the use of a training snorkel, you don't need to turn your head to breath and the one-way valve means no water inhalation, this snorkel promotes a better focus on the stroke.
*Medium-sized equipment bag designed to hold all your swimming essentials *Open weave mesh for strength and quick drying *Drawstring closure keeps items together and secure in bag *Exterior zip pocket
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How should the freestyle arm work?

Newcomers often ask why in the freestyle, after swimming for tens of meters, my arm is sore and weak? In fact, it was because the force was wrong. The first thing I want to tell you here is that the stroke of freestyle is really not based on hand strength. Otherwise, if you swim 1000 meters, will yo

Four swimming movements focus on trained muscles

We know that aerobic exercise is good for fat-reducing shaping, and anaerobic strength exercise is good for muscle gain. Swimming is classified as aerobic exercise, which is one of the best exercises for weight loss. But in fact, as a swim, the boundary between aerobic and anaerobic is relatively va

One of the four steps of freestyle learning: leg work

The first step of self-study freestyle: Kickboard kicking (practice with head buried in water first, then practise lifting head to kick) Since streamline straight body skating has always been the core of various swimming styles, and it is also a necessary prerequisite for formal learning to swim. Th

Is the body or hand moving when swimming

The principle of movement is "support"! Without support, there is no advance. For the three sports of swimming, cycling and running, the main purpose is to move the body. The principle of moving in the water is the same. If the supporting point of the palm is firm enough during the process of catchi

Three Practice Methods of Frog Leg Movement in Water

Frog leg movement is an important factor to maintain body balance and promote body forward during breaststroke, so how to practice frog leg movement in water? Here first review the key points of the continuous movement of the frog legs: 1 slowly close the legs; 2 knees wide shoulders; 3 leg valgus;