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The importance of swim caps to swim events

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The importance of swim caps to swim events

Why You Should Wear a Swim Cap

If you’re new to swimming and have longer hair, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a bit annoying swimming with your hair dragging in the water and in your face.  we highly recommend investing in a nice swim cap, that’s affordable and reliable, to make your training more comfortable.


Swim caps come in all types of shapes, sizes, materials and styles, and we want to help you find the perfect swim cap that works for you!

What’s the point of a swim cap?

1. Keeps your hair out of your face, so you can focus on your workout.

2. Helps you swim faster by eliminating drag in the water. Swim caps work better than just tying your hair in a ponytail, because it secures all the small hairs around your forehead and neck, and you won’t feel your ponytail dragging in the water.

3. Protects your hair. Swim caps are not meant for keeping your hair dry, but they do add a small layer of protection against chlorine damage on your hair.

4. Keeps you safe. Light-colored caps help other swimmers or boaters see you if you’re swimming in open water with heavy traffic. Some even keep your head warmer when you’re swimming in cold, large bodies of water!


Is wearing a swim cap necessary?

Nope! It is not required for swimming, but if you have hair that is 6+ inches or longer, we highly recommend wearing one. It’s perfectly acceptable for both men, and women to wear caps.

What are the different types of caps?

Silicone swim caps

· Pros: Made of silicone, so they’re the most durable and will last the longest. Smooth edges protect your hair from breaking, and are easier to put on and take off. Purchase a dome-shaped cap, and the lack of wrinkles will reduce drag in the water. Highly preferred for competitive and fitness swimmers.

· Cons: Caps can sometimes slip off your head because the material is so smooth.

· Average Price: $3-$8

Latex swim caps

· Pros: Made of latex rubber that fits snug, and won’t budge. Material is thinner, and more breathable. Medium-level of durability, and are highly preferred for competitive and fitness swimmers.

· Cons: A bit difficult to put on and take off, and might pull very tightly on your short hairs around your forehead and neck. Rip after a few months of wearing them continuously. Not good for people with latex allergies.

· Average Price: $1-$4

Lycra swim caps:

· Pros: Made of lycra fabric, this cap will feel like a swimsuit on your head. They are very cozy and comfortable, since they won’t squeeze your head.

· Cons: This cap is not recommended for competitive or fitness swimming. The fabric quickly loosens due to being exposed to chlorine, which makes it slip off and slow you down in your workouts. It also doesn’t protect your hair from chlorine as well as silicon or latex caps.

· Average Price: $5-$9