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Swim Goggle

Have the vision of a pro in the water with Poqswimshop's massive collection of swim goggles. Whether you need the sleekest, most lightweight pair to give you every advantage in a race, or maximum suction and coverage to keep water out of your eyes, you'll be sure to find something among our multiple categories of goggles. We have competition goggles for the serious swimmers and recreational goggles for the pool lovers, while our open water goggles & masks and prescription goggles offer more clarity and comfort.

Our selection of women's swim goggles is unmatched and we even have a bunch of scuba & snorkeling masks along with several goggle accessories inclusive of anti-fog solution and replacement goggle straps for special underwater experiences and improved performance. We know how particular you are about the staying comfortable and seeing clear underwater, which is why we have our goggles collection sorted by different materials like silicone, synthetic rubber, and plastic.

Choosing The Right Swim Goggles

Wearing swimming goggles during your pool workout can help prevent chlorinated water from irritating your eyes. Choose a pair that provides a snug fit with a secure seal that minimizes the amount of water that enters, yet is still comfortable enough to wear for the duration of your swim. An antifog coating can help prevent lenses from clouding over and interfering with your vision, and customizable options, like an adjustable nose bridge and strap, offer increased comfort. If you typically swim outdoors, mirrored swim goggles provide protection against bright sunshine and glare, while swimming goggles that shield against UV rays offer critical defense. Stock up on everything you need for swimming with a selection of swim goggles and other accessories.

Competitive Swimming Goggles And Recreational Styles

If you're an avid swimmer who likes to race, competition-level swimming goggles can give you an extra boost during your meets. These goggles tend to have an extremely low-profile design that sits close to your eyes, helping to minimize drag during races. While effective, these goggles are usually not meant for casual wear and can be uncomfortable if worn for extended amounts of time. Recreational swim goggles, while not as sleek and streamlined, usually have extra padding to make wearing them more comfortable, especially over a long practice session.