• Professional swim gear supplier


    POQSWIM is a professional swim gear supplier, Can supply you silicone swim cap, latex swim cap, PU swim cap, swim goggle, swim wear, swim paddle, snorkel etc. Can start from small MOQ and print with your own logo

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  • Using natural high quality environmental protection silicone, Non-toxic, health. Anti-static, high elastic. Can be customized, clearly embossed LOGO.

    Swim Cap

    Personalized knee-skins, briefs, one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit, we use high-quality fabrics that work best in chlorine-mixed water.

    Swim Wear

    Customized to your facial structure to relieve any tension. Proprietary technology ensures a perfectly fitting gasket with zero water leakage.

    Swim Goggle


    There are great for special events and teams. With our fast delivery times we can help you have swim caps, swimwear, swim goggles and more swim gears in time for your event.

    Swim gear