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Seamless Swim Cap

The classic swim caps is the most popular swim cap ordered by teams, clubs and event orgainsers. They are great quality on budget.  The more colours you use the more expensive the swim cap becomes.


Seamless silicone swim caps are much more comfortable than any other swim cap and it is more drag resistant than classic swim caps and is a great option for swim clubs that want a quality swim cap that will with stand high impact racing while staying comfortable for everyday training.It has a multi density zones giving more traction on the swimmers head.


Seamless swim caps create a  4.19% drag reduction when compared to a regular calssic silicone cap. Provides comfort and stability during competition and very comfortable for training


Seamless cap have the uniqe abiltiy to have a front print that will give you club logo or sponers the chance to stand out like never before.


Center printing along the top of the swim cap can be done for an added cost. These designs are very striking and you will stand out from the rest with a classy middle line design.


Our printing areas can go up to 1mm to the edge of a classic cap, giving the power to design amazing logos that will stand next time you team is on pool deck.


This is interesting and very unique, you wont this this often. Can you see how the white print on the frogs face fades out, we call this a gradient and can do this for you swim cap design. Not many printers can do this, but we can, that's why we are the best.


We can print names on each cap for a small added price. Note, it is best for you swimmers to purchase a number of swim caps printed with there names on them as we all know how some kids look after there gear when they leave them behind at the swimming pool.


Printing any colour is possible if you know your pan-tone colour you used for your other designs, we can also match pan-tone colours for your swim cap. A mixture of colored caps  can be used within orders but there are minimum order quantities that do need to meet. If you are not sure then please look at our stock standard pan-tone colours for swim caps here.