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POQSWIM Swim Snorkel

The new POQSWIM Swimming Snorkel is the ideal choice for the swimmers who are looking to imporve their stroke. With the use of a training snorkel, you don't need to turn your head to breath and the one-way valve means no water inhalation, this snorkel promotes a better focus on the stroke.

Product Description

Train out loud with the newest member of POQSWIM, the GLIDE Snorkel. This colorful training essential allows you to swim with proper body position while strengthening your lungs on a regular basis.


  • Introductory center-mount technique and training snorkel

  • Ideal for fitness and team training

  • Stays in place for all competitive strokes, including flip turns

  • Hydrodynamic Tube: Curves around the head to reduce drag and promote proper body position

  • Center-Mount Design: For comfort in the water to breath easily and swim with perfect balance

  • Adjustable Head Bracket: For quick strap-adjustment and a universal fit

  • VO2 Max: Increases aerobic activity