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These are related to the swimming news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in swimming and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand swimming market.
  • The importance of breathing for swimming practice

    Most people are willing to spend a lot of time learning body movements and training, but do not want to spend 10 minutes to understand the correct breathing method. In fact, this is why many swimmers have mastered the swimming movements but cannot swim long distances. Swimming breath is a special b Read More

  • Ten swimming taboos must be kept in mind

    Avoid swimming on an empty stomach. Due to the low blood sugar of the body, it is particularly easy to experience muscle tremor, dizziness, collapse, coma, and even collapse and cause drowning in the water. Do not swim on an empty stomach. Before swimming, swimmers should add some fruits, milk, can Read More

  • How long each swim can help lose weight

    Many people use swimming to lose weight. This is indeed a very good way to lose weight, but how long does it take to swim every day to achieve the goal of weight loss and fitness? This is what many people want to know. And summer is here, swimming is indeed a very good thing, it is also a very good Read More

  • Is the body or hand moving when swimming

    The principle of movement is "support"! Without support, there is no advance. For the three sports of swimming, cycling and running, the main purpose is to move the body. The principle of moving in the water is the same. If the supporting point of the palm is firm enough during the process of catchi Read More

  • Three Practice Methods of Frog Leg Movement in Water

    Frog leg movement is an important factor to maintain body balance and promote body forward during breaststroke, so how to practice frog leg movement in water? Here first review the key points of the continuous movement of the frog legs: 1 slowly close the legs; 2 knees wide shoulders; 3 leg valgus; Read More

  • The most beneficial physical and mental exercise-swimming

    Swimming is flourishing all over the world. The important reason for the ascendant is the swimming's health function and health rehabilitation. No sport can match it. One, the best body position In all physical exercises, swimming has a unique body position, lying on its back rather than standing up Read More

  • What is the "talent" of swimming masters?

    What is the "talent" of swimming masters? We saw the charm of one star after another in the pool and the birth of a new star. So, how far is it between us and these masters for our average swimmers? What is the "talent" of a master? How can we enhance our swimming skills? Master "Talent" 1Shoulder w Read More

  • A few tricks to make you a hero in water quickly!

    Turn the freestyle elegantly and easily, and turn smoothly, and you will find yourself as a fish. The full immersion method is a training method that is very suitable for amateurs. It can swim long distances without swimming fatigue, and has a more beautiful posture and more efficient strokes.To lea Read More

  • Four-stage practice method to help you become a "super swimmer"

    When swimmers go swimming Arms and legs are the main propulsion system Drive the human body forward And this depends on the core muscle group to make connections So in the swimming training program Core training is especially important Today I introduced this to you JC Santana Quartet swimming prac Read More

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