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These are related to the swim news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in swim and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand swim market.
  • Five training methods for swimming

    Training type-energy system-ability development 1Continuous training: oxidation, endurance2Optional variable speed training: oxidation and part of the fermentation process, endurance, sustained speed3Interval training: oxidation and fermentation process, endurance, sustained speed4Goal setting train Read More

  • What swimming goggles to buy?

    1. Shape and size:Goggles come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, from the smallest for competitive swimming (such as the typical Swedish goggles) to the largest for diving or snorkeling, also called masks. These small glasses can fit the eyes well, and it has less resistance to advance in the water, Read More

  • When is the best time of day to swim?

    More and more people regard swimming as an important item of fitness exercise. Some people swim in the morning, while others swim at noon or night. As for when is the best time of the day to swim?1/ When is the best time of the day to swim? The influence of exercise time of each part on the human bo Read More

  • What is the prime time for swimming?

    More and more people include swimming in their fitness programs. However, many people often spend a few hours in the water as soon as they enter the pool. In fact, this is wrong. The prime time for swimming should be 40 minutes. 40 minutes of exercise can not only achieve a certain amount of exercis Read More

  • How to lengthen strokes to make swimming easier

    How to extend the stroke to make swimming easier Many swimmers may not know it, but in practice almost everything affects your stroke distance-including how far each exercise swims, the length of the rest period, the speed of the speed, etc. In traditional teaching methods, the above-mentioned fac Read More

  • Teach you how to swim rhythmically

    Coaches often say this, please pay attention to the rhythm, please maintain the rhythm, please swim the rhythm ... Swimming rhythm is really important, master the swimming rhythm, you can swim far and fast! A good rhythm can not only ensure effective and efficient action, but also assess whether the Read More