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These are related to the swim caps news, in which you can learn about the updated information in swim caps, to help you better understand and expand swim caps market. Because the market for swim caps is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Is the body or hand moving when swimming

    The principle of movement is "support"! Without support, there is no advance. For the three sports of swimming, cycling and running, the main purpose is to move the body. The principle of moving in the water is the same. If the supporting point of the palm is firm enough during the process of catchi Read More

  • Poor water quality in the swimming pool? Choosing the best swimming cap is the most important.

    Swimming cap is one of the most basic equipment when swimming:After wearing a swimming cap, the resistance is small, making swimming faster.If you often swim without a swimming cap, your hair will dry out and turn yellow. So how do you usually wear a swimming cap? Does the swimming cap cover your ea Read More

  • Why Swimmers Wear Caps - A Useful Swim Cap Guide

    Here Is Why Swimmers Wear Caps – A Useful Swim Cap Guide To a non-swimmer, swim caps can seem uncomfortable, strange-looking, and like an unnecessary hassle. However, having swum for thirteen years myself, I can personally tell you that swim caps offer a wide array of benefits to all types of swimme Read More

  • Why should we wear a swimming cap? What kind of swimming cap is better?

    Wearing a swimming cap when swimming is a basic outfit and a basic courtesy. Especially for women with long hair, their hair will not float in the water, and it is not easy to be pulled off. After wearing a swimming cap, the resistance is small, which makes swimming faster. The water quality of some Read More

  • How to choose swim goggles

    Choosing the right swimming gogglesWith such a range of brands and features, choosing a pair of goggles is as difficult as choosing a new phone or pair of shoes.And while the cost is (usually) incomparable to the phones or shoes, most regular swimmers know the immense frustration of a dodgy pair of Read More

  • Swim skills from POQSWIM

    Swim Level and SkillsCampus Recreation’s swim lessons program is designed to promote aquatic safety and progression through private, one-on-one instruction. Our primary goal is to teach participants to swim to the best of their ability in a safe and fun environment.For recreation members ages 6 and Read More

  • [Swimming] how to pick out the perfect swim cap

    How to Pick Out the Perfect Swim CapThe swim cap is one of the more misunderstood pieces of swim gear. Here’s what you need to know about picking out the perfect cap for swimming.When it comes to swimming gear the swim cap can seem a little confusing.After all, you put it on your head…but it doesn’t Read More

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