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  • [Swimming] Olympic tips: Why do swimmers wear headphones?

    In the Olympic swimming competition. Many viewers found that some athletes like to wear headphones when they enter the stadium, immersed in their own world, and look cool. Everyone guessed, is there any special reason for this?Some people guess that the swimming cap is too tight and the headphone ap Read More

  • Five training methods for swimming

    Training type-energy system-ability development 1Continuous training: oxidation, endurance2Optional variable speed training: oxidation and part of the fermentation process, endurance, sustained speed3Interval training: oxidation and fermentation process, endurance, sustained speed4Goal setting train Read More

  • Seven points of swimming

    For athletes without coaches, the biggest challenge is that there are many extremely subtle differences between freestyle movements and movements, and it is difficult for you to find a technique and method that can systematically cover all the technical essentials. Where should I practice first? How Read More

  • Our top tow floats for open water swimming

    Tow floats are vital pieces of kit for open water swimming. Want to know why and which one to go for? Here's our guide to everything you need to know... What is a tow float and what do they do?A tow float is a floatation device that open water swimmers use to increase their visibility in the water. Read More

  • Freestyle skills-posture points

    When we see other people swimming freely, our body is like a straight boat, moving forward in the water, and we can't see the breath or distortion at all. We would be particularly envious. At the beginning, we may still feel good about our swimming posture, but when we watch the video, we will find Read More

  • Freestyle skills--Uncoordinated skills practice

    Uncoordinated technique practice (UncoDrill) is a very special training method that can help you improve your swimming rhythm and timing. This technique integrates the various elements of freestyle and forces the catch at the right time. , Push water and turn body movements, and even improve the tim Read More

  • Freestyle learning skills

    When we see others swimming freely, our body moves forward like a straight boat in the water. No ventilation and distortion can be seen at all. We are all very envious. It may feel good when we didn't take a video of our swimming, but when we watched the video, we found that we were bullied up and d Read More

  • What swimming goggles to buy?

    1. Shape and size:Goggles come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, from the smallest for competitive swimming (such as the typical Swedish goggles) to the largest for diving or snorkeling, also called masks. These small glasses can fit the eyes well, and it has less resistance to advance in the water, Read More

  • The best time to swim

    More and more people include swimming in their fitness plans. However, many people often spend several hours in the water as soon as they enter the swimming pool. In fact, this is wrong. The prime time for swimming should be 40 minutes. 40 minutes of exercise can achieve a certain exercise effect, Read More

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