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  • Swim events with Cartoon kids swim caps

    Cartoon swimming caps are mainly adapted to children. Help them increase their interest and happiness in swimming. A child who has just started to swim wearing a cartoon swimming cap can generally make them full of vitality and passion. In this harmonious atmosphere, not only strengthens their body Read More

  • What is the "talent" of swimming masters?

    What is the "talent" of swimming masters? We saw the charm of one star after another in the pool and the birth of a new star. So, how far is it between us and these masters for our average swimmers? What is the "talent" of a master? How can we enhance our swimming skills? Master "Talent" 1Shoulder w Read More

  • Freestyle-how should your arm work

    Some new swimmers ask, why does my arm feel sore and weak after swimming for dozens of meters during freestyle swimming? In fact, it is because the power point is wrong. The first thing to tell you here is that the freestyle swimming arm is really not relying on the strength of your hand, otherwise, Read More

  • A few tricks to make you a hero in water quickly!

    Turn the freestyle elegantly and easily, and turn smoothly, and you will find yourself as a fish. The full immersion method is a training method that is very suitable for amateurs. It can swim long distances without swimming fatigue, and has a more beautiful posture and more efficient strokes.To lea Read More

  • Factors affecting swimming speed

    Water pressure When swimming, the water in the front is under high pressure to form a high pressure, and the water in the rear is forming a low pressure, which causes a force to hold you back (this is why people who learn to swim are like bike or car racers and like to follow others In the back, the Read More

  • Four-stage practice method to help you become a "super swimmer"

    When swimmers go swimming Arms and legs are the main propulsion system Drive the human body forward And this depends on the core muscle group to make connections So in the swimming training program Core training is especially important Today I introduced this to you JC Santana Quartet swimming prac Read More

  • Some suggestions for freestyle swimming

    Some suggestions for freestyleOften I can see in some community forums everyone discuss the power of freestyle swimming, or practice leg kicks and find that they are not tired at all. In the end, I found that I didn't notice some key points when I started to learn freestyle, so that I was very tired Read More

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