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  • Teach you how to improve your swimming skills

    Swim freestyle gracefully and easily, and smoothly turn around, you will find yourself feeling like a fish. The full immersion method is a very suitable training method for amateurs. Long-distance swimming does not fatigue swimming, and the posture is more beautiful and the stroke is more efficient. Read More

  • How to avoid several common injuries in swimming

    As a sport, swimming accidentally causes swimmers to suffer sports injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some common injuries and effectively prevent or treat them to make swimming exercises more effective and more scientific. Three common injuries. Muscle cramps Muscle cramps (commonly Read More

  • How to swim to achieve weight loss

    Swimming is a systemic exercise that not only reduces weight, but also maintains your upright posture, allowing you to easily shape your S body. When swimming, people's metabolism is very fast, which can consume 1100 kilojoules of calories in 30 minutes, and this metabolic speed can be maintained fo Read More

  • How do adults practice swimming?

    Many people realize that most people who swim very well have been trained regularly when they were young, and people without "child skills" will encounter various problems such as unpleasant swimming, ugly movements, and tired after a swim. In fact, as long as the training method is correct, adult s Read More

  • Points that are easily overlooked in freestyle

    Fingers slightly apart After reading a lot of textbooks, it is clearly written "finger together". "Fingers close together" is easy to understand. Only draw close together to draw water, otherwise it will leak. But "finger separation" requires a bit of pondering. The specific physical principle is to Read More

  • You who love swimming, how to swim correctly

    They say they love swimming, but are you really swimming right? Avoid swimming after strenuous exercise Swimming immediately after strenuous exercise will increase the burden on the heart; a sharp drop in body temperature will weaken resistance, causing colds, throat inflammation, etc. Avoid prolong Read More

  • What is the prime time for swimming?

    More and more people include swimming in their fitness programs. However, many people often spend a few hours in the water as soon as they enter the pool. In fact, this is wrong. The prime time for swimming should be 40 minutes. 40 minutes of exercise can not only achieve a certain amount of exercis Read More

  • Poor water quality in the swimming pool? Choosing the best swimming cap is the most important.

    Swimming cap is one of the most basic equipment when swimming:After wearing a swimming cap, the resistance is small, making swimming faster.If you often swim without a swimming cap, your hair will dry out and turn yellow. So how do you usually wear a swimming cap? Does the swimming cap cover your ea Read More

  • The most beneficial physical and mental exercise-swimming

    Swimming is flourishing all over the world. The important reason for the ascendant is the swimming's health function and health rehabilitation. No sport can match it. One, the best body position In all physical exercises, swimming has a unique body position, lying on its back rather than standing up Read More

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