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  • How long each swim can help lose weight

    Many people use swimming to lose weight. This is indeed a very good way to lose weight, but how long does it take to swim every day to achieve the goal of weight loss and fitness? This is what many people want to know. And summer is here, swimming is indeed a very good thing, it is also a very good Read More

  • Common mistakes of backstroke

    Causes and Corrections of Common Errors in Backstroke Leg Movements 1. The knees are exposed to the water when cause:A: Hip bend.B: Not enough thigh depression. Correction method:A: The hip joint is fully expanded, the thigh is actively pressed down, and the knee is braked in time whe Read More

  • How should the freestyle arm work?

    Newcomers often ask why in the freestyle, after swimming for tens of meters, my arm is sore and weak? In fact, it was because the force was wrong. The first thing I want to tell you here is that the stroke of freestyle is really not based on hand strength. Otherwise, if you swim 1000 meters, will yo Read More

  • Four swimming movements focus on trained muscles

    We know that aerobic exercise is good for fat-reducing shaping, and anaerobic strength exercise is good for muscle gain. Swimming is classified as aerobic exercise, which is one of the best exercises for weight loss. But in fact, as a swim, the boundary between aerobic and anaerobic is relatively va Read More

  • One of the four steps of freestyle learning: leg work

    The first step of self-study freestyle: Kickboard kicking (practice with head buried in water first, then practise lifting head to kick) Since streamline straight body skating has always been the core of various swimming styles, and it is also a necessary prerequisite for formal learning to swim. Th Read More

  • Is the body or hand moving when swimming

    The principle of movement is "support"! Without support, there is no advance. For the three sports of swimming, cycling and running, the main purpose is to move the body. The principle of moving in the water is the same. If the supporting point of the palm is firm enough during the process of catchi Read More

  • Three Practice Methods of Frog Leg Movement in Water

    Frog leg movement is an important factor to maintain body balance and promote body forward during breaststroke, so how to practice frog leg movement in water? Here first review the key points of the continuous movement of the frog legs: 1 slowly close the legs; 2 knees wide shoulders; 3 leg valgus; Read More

  • Four key to freestyle breathing

    Many beginner freestyle friends, especially breaststroke transition to freestyle, find it very difficult to "ventilate". Some people sink their bodies as soon as they breathe, and some people always choke water when they breathe. There is a problem with the "ventilation" movement, sometimes it is ne Read More

  • Backstroke stroke technique

    First : Ideal backstroke stroke technique Comparing backstroke and freestyle, there are similarities and differences in technique. While comparing backstroke and freestyle techniques, we discuss the ideal backstroke stroke technique. 1. Does the arm enter the water parallel to the body's midline? Ye Read More

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