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Classic Swim Cap

Basic Information for classic swim cap

Production process: metal stamping;

Function: Wear a classic silicone swim cap to prevent ear damage and protect the head, prevent hair from being completely immersed in chlorine-containing water, can effectively protect hair from reducing hair damage because of the pool water, reduce resistance and let you swim faster.



1. The classic silicone swim cap is made of organic silica gel, which has good elasticity and high adhesion to the head;

2. Wear classic silicone swim cap in winter, which has the function of keeping the head warm;

3. Classic silicone swim cap are not easy to fall off during swimming. The reason is that there are many small silicone particles in the classic silicone swimming cap.

4. Classic silicone swim cap is a new environmentally friendly product.


Classic silicone swimming cap design

Classic silicone swim caps generally do not need to distinguish between front and back. You can wear any side as a front. You may feel a little uncomfortable when you first wear it. Maybe because you just wear a classic silicone swimming cap, the user is not used to wear the classic silicone swim cap. The force of pressing will get used to it for several times use. It may also be the reason between the design and production of the classic swim cap that we bought. When buying a classic silicone swim cap, you should choose a swimming cap with no wrinkles inside. And the model and the size of your head to match the product, so that you can bring a classic silicone swim cap more comfortable.