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You who love swimming, how to swim correctly

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You who love swimming, how to swim correctly

They say they love swimming, but are you really swimming right?


Avoid swimming after strenuous exercise


Swimming immediately after strenuous exercise will increase the burden on the heart; a sharp drop in body temperature will weaken resistance, causing colds, throat inflammation, etc.


Avoid prolonged exposure to swimming

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Prolonged exposure will produce sunburn or cause acute dermatitis, also known as sunburn. To prevent the occurrence of sunburn, it is best to use an umbrella to shade after going ashore, or to rest in a shaded area, or to protect the skin with a bath towel, or apply sunscreen on the bare part of the body.


Avoid swimming without preparation


The water temperature is always lower than the body temperature. Therefore, you must make preparations before launching the water, otherwise it will cause physical discomfort.


Avoid eating immediately after swimming. It is advisable to take a short break after swimming to eat, otherwise it will suddenly increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, and it is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases over time.


Avoid swimming for too long

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There are generally three periods of skin reaction to cold stimulation. The first phase: after entering the water, stimulated by cold, the skin blood vessels contract and the skin color is pale. Phase 2: After staying in the water for a certain period of time, the blood flow on the body surface expands, the skin turns pale to light red, and the body turns cold to warm. Phase 3: Staying too long, heat dissipation is greater than fever, goose bumps and chills appear on the skin. This is a taboo period for Xia You, and water should be released in time. The duration of swimming should generally not exceed 1.5 to 2 hours.


Avoid swimming before and after meals


Swimming on an empty stomach can affect appetite and digestive function, and can also cause dizziness and other unexpected conditions during swimming; full stomach swimming can also affect digestive function, and can also cause stomach cramps, even vomiting, and abdominal pain.


Avoid swimming during menstruation

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When swimming during menstruation, bacteria can easily enter the uterus, fallopian tubes, etc., causing infection, resulting in irregular menstruation, excessive menstrual flow, and prolonged menstruation.


Avoid swimming in unfamiliar waters

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When swimming in natural waters, do not rush into the water. Anyone with complicated water conditions and underwater conditions should not swim in the water to avoid accidents.


Avoid swimming on an empty stomach


Many people who love swimming have a feeling that after swimming on the beach, they will feel hungry and fatigued. This is because swimming is a heavy physical exercise. The muscles of the limbs have a large amplitude of activity and consume a lot of energy, Heat. If we go swimming on an empty stomach, it will cause the body's blood sugar to be too low, especially for patients with diabetes, the risk of hypoglycemia coma is greater. If the swimmer is fasting, his blood sugar is low, and his energy consumption is large, he is particularly prone to muscle tremors, dizziness, collapse, coma, or even drowning directly in the water. Therefore, before swimming, swimmers should properly add some fruits, milk, candy and other foods, and then go swimming in the water.


Many people who like to swim, after drinking with friends, go swimming under the water in order to be cool and disregard their own lives. In fact, this is a very dangerous way, because after drinking, alcohol will stimulate people. The brain leads to blurred consciousness and uncontrollable actions. If you cannot control your actions after launching the water, it is very likely to cause extremely serious adverse consequences. In addition, after drinking alcohol, especially after drinking a large amount of alcohol, a large amount of glucose stored in the body is consumed, which may cause hypoglycemia and increase the chance of accidental swimming.