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Why should we wear a swimming cap? What kind of swimming cap is better?

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Why should we wear a swimming cap? What kind of swimming cap is better?

Why should we wear a swimming cap when we are swimming?

Wearing a swimming cap when swimming is a basic outfit and a basic courtesy. Especially for women with long hair, their hair will not float in the water, and it is not easy to be pulled off. After wearing a swimming cap, the resistance is small, which makes swimming faster. The water quality of some swimming pools will not be mentioned by the editors. Often swimming without plastic swimming caps will cause the hair to dry out and turn yellow, which will seriously affect hair loss.


How do you usually bring a swimming cap? Should the swimming cap cover the ears? What kind of swimming cap is good? Let me talk about it below.


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Should my swimming cap cover my ears when I swim?


In fact, the swimming cap is used to prevent ear shake and protect the head. It can effectively protect the hair, reduce the damage to the hair by the pool water, reduce the resistance, and make swimming faster. At the same time, prevent hair loss, soil the pool water, and keep the pool water hygienic. In addition, everyone's hands will not become tangled when swimming.


Regarding whether to wear a swimming cap to cover your ears, this is a matter of opinion. Many athletes cover their ears in order to further reduce resistance, and many people find it very uncomfortable to wrap their ears, which is better depending on the person.

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What kind of swimming cap is good?


The types of swimming caps can be roughly divided into cloth caps, PU coated swimming caps, net caps, rubber swimming caps, silicone swimming caps, SPEEDO Speedo and other international brands have introduced various types of swimming caps containing elastic fibers.


The material of swimming caps is usually rubber, and one is the same elastic cloth as swimwear. Basically, you can choose it according to your preference. The life of rubber is short and it is not easy to save. It is recommended to choose silicone swimming caps, silicone swimming caps with good elasticity and good adhesion to the head, which can prevent hair from directly contacting the water in the swimming pool, and keep warm in winter.


If children want to swim, it is recommended to wear a cloth hat, because children do not know how to bring swimming hats themselves, and almost all of them play in water. Cloth hats are of high quality and low price.

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How to wear a swimming cap?


1. Prepare a few hair clips before swimming. They should be flat, the flatter the better, and the longer one.


2. After changing your swimsuit, put your hair on the top of your head. Remember to make the hair evenly. Don’t make your hair a point. Otherwise, it will look raised. Try to tighten it. Hold it with a clip, it will collapse, and cling to the scalp, try not to let it be too fluffy, basically a few clips will do, pressing the hair all over the scalp.


3. It ’s time to wear a swimming cap. There is nothing particular about wearing a swimming cap. Pull the opening of the swimming cap as far as possible, and keep your head carefully. If you ca n’t cover it all, it ’s not done in step 2. There is a little It is also normal for the hair ends to be stuck, and then slowly grab the hair ends into your hat. It doesn't need to be neat, just plug the hair in. If you did a good job in step 2 and your hair is clipped enough, you should not feel a little raised when wearing a hat.

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