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When is the best time of day to swim?

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More and more people regard swimming as an important item of fitness exercise. Some people swim in the morning, while others swim at noon or night. As for when is the best time of the day to swim?

  • When is the best time of the day to swim?


The influence of exercise time of each part on the human body

When people who exercise in the morning wake up in the morning, they have almost consumed the food they ate last night. At this time, the human body is in a state of low blood sugar and the body does not have much glycogen. At this time, the fitness exercise (aerobic exercise) is Will use more fat to supply energy to the body, at this time the weight loss effect is better.


Exercise after the lunch break. Some people like to do fitness exercises after the lunch break, because at this time the human body eats and rests (breakfast, lunch, and lunch break.) The time when the muscle speed, strength and endurance of the human body are in a relatively optimal state. Fitness exercises, especially those who gain muscle and weight, will receive better fitness results.

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Exercise after work and some people like to go to the fitness club after get off work, that is, around 6 o'clock in the evening. Because it helps to relieve the work pressure of the day, and can better relax.


Exercise at night. Some people like to exercise at night, because the muscles and joints of the human body have the best flexibility and flexibility at this time. Then rest for 1 to 2 hours after exercising and then go to bed. You will feel that the quality of sleep is high and you will easily fall asleep.


The above studies have shown that swimming can increase bone density, prevent bone loss and osteoporosis, which has great practical significance for improving the health of the elderly.


So, when is the best time of the day to swim? In fact, there is a very good way to verify whether the choice of time for one day's exercise is the best. If after exercising for a period of time, you feel full of energy, good appetite, good sleep quality, and your pulse in a quiet state, the number of beats per minute will be the same or slower. This shows that your current exercise amount and exercise time are very suitable. Conversely, if after a period of exercise, you often get sleepy and sleep poorly, get up early and measure your pulse, and the number of beats per minute is more than 6 times more than before. This shows that you are overworked or the exercise time is wrong.


In fact, the daily fitness exercise schedule depends on the individual's specific work and life time. But the schedule of fitness exercises is best arranged at the same time, if there are no special circumstances, don't change it casually. Because the daily fixed fitness exercise time can make you desire to exercise and develop good exercise habits, which is more conducive to the conditioned reflex of the internal organs of the body, so that people can quickly enter the state of exercise and provide enough for fitness exercise The energy to achieve a better fitness effect.


  • How many meters can you swim to achieve the best weight loss effect?

Swimming is a systemic exercise. It can not only lose weight, but also maintain your upright posture, allowing you to easily shape your S figure. When swimming, people’s metabolism is very fast. You can consume 1,100 kj of calories in 30 minutes, and this metabolic rate can be maintained for a period of time after you leave the water. Then how many meters can you swim to effectively shape your body? Shape?

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Swimming to lose weight:

How long does it take to swim to achieve the effect of weight loss? Swimming lasts longer than 20 minutes. If you are just playing in the water, no matter how long you soak, the effect will not be effective.


The best time to swim to lose weight. In addition, don’t swim for too long. Soaking in water for a long time can cause great damage to the skin. If you don’t move in the water, it is easy to cause the joints to be irritated by cold and your body’s resistance will decrease , It is not conducive to fitness.


The best heart rate for swimming to lose weight When swimming, go all out to keep the heart rate at about 80% of the maximum heart rate. In order to ensure this standard, count the number of pulses in 6 seconds against the watch every time you swim, and add 0 to 1 Minute heart rate. Paying attention to your data is one of the main factors that motivate yourself.


Swimming to lose weight is effective with a combination of speed and slowness. But for most people, it is difficult to swim quickly throughout the entire journey, so you might as well take a slow swim followed by a fast swim, and two slow swims followed by two fast swims to improve the exercise effect in this way.

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According to conventional practice, experts suggest that the length of each swimming exercise for healthy people under 35 should be 2000~2500 meters; the distance for people 35~50 years old should be 1500~1800 meters per swim; the elderly over 50 years old should Personal physical condition, choose between 1000~1200 meters, and insist on swimming 2~3 times a week, so that persisting for 3 months will definitely achieve a good weight loss effect.


Fun and easy to understand swimming weight loss. Using kick boards, hand paddles, fins and other water swimming equipment not only helps to burn more calories, but also exercises the muscles of the limbs, and at the same time increases the swimmer's interest in swimming.


Practice in time periods like professional swimmer training. Divide swimming into four sessions, rest 15-30 seconds between sessions. The specific arrangement is to swim 1 back and forth, then 2 back and forth, then 2 back and forth, and finally 1 back and forth. Swim fast at the end of each session, and you will not feel bored because of long-term continuous swimming.


To avoid injury while swimming, remember to do some warm-up and stretching exercises before entering the water.