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What is the "talent" of swimming masters?

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What is the "talent" of swimming masters?

What is the "talent" of swimming masters?


We saw the charm of one star after another in the pool and the birth of a new star. So, how far is it between us and these masters for our average swimmers? What is the "talent" of a master? How can we enhance our swimming skills?



Master "Talent" 1:

Shoulder width: longer ski distance

It is not difficult to find that all swimming masters have one thing in common: shoulder width!

Swimming is a strength sport, and shoulder-width players have more upper limb strength.

And for the two items of freestyle and butterfly, the wider shoulder can make the movement more in place and allow the athlete to glide vertically in the water for a longer distance.

When swimming, a person's body must be fully stretched to swim fast, arms must be continuously extended forward, and wider shoulders can make more stretched and effective movements.



Master "Talent" 2:

Large vital capacity: four breaths

Almost every successful swimmer sums up his talents for success in summing up his talents. Park Tae-hyun once said after winning the Beijing Olympics: "The vital capacity inherited from his parents made him swim faster. "

It is said that the vital capacity of the Korean famous person is 7000CC, and that of ordinary people is 3000-4000CC. Ye Shiwen, a 15-year-old world champion, insisted on taking a breath in the final 50m freestyle in the 200m medley final in this World Championships, which is difficult for many people to match.



Master "Talent" 3:

Short legs: stronger explosive power

Swimming requires extremely explosive lower limbs. Therefore, relatively short legs allow athletes to gain more explosive power. For example, Phelps has a pair of "explosive" thighs of power, which is derived from the inheritance of his parents. His father Fred was an athlete and his two sisters Hillary and Whitney were in 1995 Member of the World Championship US National Swimming Team.



Master "Talent" 4:

Bigfoot: stronger motivation

Feet are like the propellers of swimmers. When your feet are big enough, it means that the huge soles can provide you with sufficient power in the water. The big foot is considered by many coaches as a natural swimming material. For example, Thorpe's feet reach 55 yards, which is one yard larger than Yao Ming. Phelps also had 48 yards. The huge feet can provide more powerful power under water, and glide longer than ordinary players when turning and starting.

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