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Three Practice Methods of Frog Leg Movement in Water

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Frog leg movement is an important factor to maintain body balance and promote body forward during breaststroke, so how to practice frog leg movement in water?


Here first review the key points of the continuous movement of the frog legs: 1 slowly close the legs; 2 knees wide shoulders; 3 leg valgus; 4 push back the clip, 5; close together horizontally. Next, I will introduce three ways to practice the frog legs in water:

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First, Frog legs on the bank


Frog Frog Leg Exercise


The practice moves are: grasping the back of the swimming pool by the backhand, let the body float on the surface of the water, and then practice according to the continuous action of frog legs.

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Second, Fu'an Frog Leg Exercise


Frog leg exercises


The exercises are: floating on the shore of the swimming pool, propping up the body with your hands, keeping the head on the water, legs together, floating on the water, and then practicing in accordance with the continuous action of frog legs.

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Third, Practice of holding frog legs with floating board


Frog leg exercises with floating board


Practicing movements is like holding a floating board to do the starting movement of floating on the wall. After pedaling out, it floats for a while, and then the frog legs are used to continue the exercise.