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The role of swim paddle

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The role of swim paddle

Swim paddle fins are generally used in the following areas:


1. Training aids to improve swimming skills


2.Increase arm strength and speed


3.Short burst afterburner training

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Training aids to improve swimming skills


The original intention of using swim paddle fins is to increase the water level of the palm, thereby enhancing the water feel throughout the stroke. When paddling the arms, the swim paddle swim paddle helps you to experience the proper stroke angle at each stage of hydration.

If used properly, swim paddle swim paddles can play a substantial role in learning about the neuromuscular system. Repeated paddling practice with a swim paddle will naturally adjust the stroke angle of the hand, especially for people who have not practiced paddling with the paddle once.

Most swim paddle swim paddles have rubber bands that hold the wrist and fingers. Many coaches recommend that when using swim paddle swim paddles, remove the rubber bands that hold the wrist in order to feel the difference between the proper and improper angle of the palm into the water. At this time, if the palm of the hand enters the water at the wrong angle, the swim paddle will shake or even fall.

The swim paddle is best to be slightly larger than the palm of the hand. If it is much larger than the palm of the hand, the shoulders will be treated harshly (swimming shoulder pain).



The propulsive force in swimming is generated by the combined force of the resistance of the arm and the lift (here we do not involve the role of the fetching water and the rotation of the vertical axis and the horizontal axis of the body on the propulsive force). swim paddle are a great tool for experiencing and improving the stroke angle. But the swim paddles are much larger than the palms and are not suitable for this exercise.

Don't use swim paddles to increase your endurance. They are used to improve swimming skills, increase arm strength and swim speed. Note: Do not use swim paddle gloves for more than 25% of your swimming time.

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Here are some suggestions on how to use your swim paddle fins:


It is better to use small swim paddles than large ones. Use swim paddles slightly larger than the palms of your hands;


It is best to remove the rubber hoop that fixes the wrist, leaving only the rubber hoop that holds one finger;


Slowly and gradually increase the use time of your swim paddle over a period of weeks;


When using hand swim paddles, focus on perfecting the paddling technique;


Use swim paddle gloves after warming up. When you feel tired, stop using swim paddle gloves;


Use swim paddle for 25% of your swimming time.

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