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The most beneficial physical and mental exercise-swimming

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The most beneficial physical and mental exercise-swimming

Swimming is flourishing all over the world. The important reason for the ascendant is the swimming's health function and health rehabilitation. No sport can match it.


One, the best body position


In all physical exercises, swimming has a unique body position, lying on its back rather than standing upright. This is an unsupported body position. The buoyancy of water depends on the human body and makes the human body prone on the surface of the water. This body state is conducive to the improvement of myocardial pulsatile force and the smooth flow of blood backflow, plus the resistance of water during exercise , To carry out repeated and even exercise, so that the heartbeat burden is not overloaded, and can be in the state of maximum oxygen absorption, which is very helpful to improve the endurance function of the human body, so swimming is the best and most effective aerobic training, Swimming will give you a healthy, efficient and good heart, and will be beneficial to the participants for life.


Second, the most comprehensive body movement

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During swimming exercises, all parts of the body will be fully and moderately exercised. If swimmers master freestyle and breaststroke, then the body's bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves can be well honed. Due to the pressure of the water on the body during swimming, people's breathing is deepened, which greatly improves the respiratory function and lung capacity. And because of the friction between water and the human body when swimming, and repeated hot and cold stimulation, the human microcirculation is improved, the immune system is enhanced, and swimming improves your ability to resist cold and disease.

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Third, the most bodybuilding posture


The movements of any physical exercise program have certain limitations. The imbalance of the movements up, down, left, and right causes some parts to be overloaded, and some parts are insufficient, so there are many sports injuries. All movements of swimming are symmetrical, uniform, balanced and non-invasive. The whip-like kicks and arc-shaped kicks of the legs up and down during swimming make the legs even and slender, and the flexibility of the joints is greatly improved. Because of the large amount of upper limb movements during swimming, the shoulders, back and chest alternately roll and paddle exercises to make the upper limb muscles fuller and more elastic. The swimmer has the most beautiful posture and the highest muscle quality and efficiency. Swimming gives you a good shoulder.

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Fourth, the most effective physical therapy

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Almost all doctors and doctors will advise you to participate in swimming exercises in addition to the necessary prescription after making a diagnosis for the patient. This is because swimming can have obvious treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention functions for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arthritis, diabetes, obesity elimination, and cervical and lumbar spine diseases. These are already indisputable facts, and more and more research is further encouraging people to use swimming to improve their health and create a better modern lifestyle for themselves.


Fifth, the most comfortable means of stress relief


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The most sincere return to nature is to return to nature than to swim in the blue water. 70% of the people's components are water. People come from water and have an unavoidable love and affinity for water. The reason why I can't swim is that I don't go into the water, and it takes too long to leave the water. When people are nervous, upset, and stressed, jump into the gentle clear water, and their grievances will disappear. If there is any dirty dust roaming in the crystal-clear swimming pool, such as after hot water bathing or sauna, It's like being reborn and having a good body and mind, which is called enjoyment. This is classic, this is fashion. Swimming gives you a good mood and a good state. Friends who have the conditions to participate in swimming, will not or will not participate in swimming sports will regret lifelong!