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POQSWIM Skoogles Junior Swim Goggle Holographic Goggle for Children

•Over nine color is available
•Swimming goggles with exclusive patented Neoprene strap
• Made by soft, comfortable Neoprene
• No hair pulling
• Goggles floating
• Easy adjustment even for kids
  • PS7800

Product Description

Waterproof Silicone Frame: 

Pure silicone material, soft and comfortable

Side Strap Buckles Design: 

Adjustable strap buckles, easy to operate

Polycarbonate Lens: 

Anti-fog and UV protection soft and durable

One-piece Nose Bridge: 

Muti-color Nose Bridge, help to protect your eyes while you are swimming

Beautiful package: 

Beauticul package, easy to carry around


The benefit of junior swim goggle

Junior swimming goggles, soft silicone gasket, strong sealing, waterproof, comfortable to wear, two-way adjustable mirror belt, self-contracting according to the size of the children's head, stable non-hinged, anti-fog lens with anti-pressure, Impact-resistant, underwater waterproof and anti-fog, giving children the best eye protection, bringing a clear underwater world.

This junior swim goggle suitable for 6-16 year old children, the color is very saturated, using a one-piece frame, the double eye distance can be automatically adjusted according to the face, no pressure on the nose, cellulose propionate lens, large box HD The field of vision, clear and compressive, can reflect harmful light, make the line of sight clear to protect the eyesight, and the integrated mirror belt improves the wearing comfort, is durable and easy to adjust.

Because swimming pool is a public place, so the bacteria content in the swimming pool cannot be underestimated. When the child enters the water, if the child accidentally opens his eyes without protective measures, it is likely to be infected. After all, the eye is the most vulnerable. The organ, and these colorful goggles, is more suitable for the children's lively personality, but also effectively prevent the intrusion of water, giving the eyes full protection.