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Several factors that affect your swimming speed

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Several factors that affect your swimming speed

What factors are affecting your speed of swimming?

Master the following problems in swimming to help you swim faster and save effort ...


1. Streamlined problems


People should generate as little resistance as possible in the water. Streamline is the shape that produces the least resistance. To maintain the best streamline, pay attention to several aspects:

(1) Head position. "The head is the rudder and the eyes are the steering wheel."

(2) The stretched limbs are well streamlined.

(3) "Three points and one line" --- the forward hand is the bow, the head is the rudder, and the kick is the engine.

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2.The issue of forward force


Curve motion

"The most effective propulsion in water is to push a large amount of water to a short distance."

"When you paddle, keep catching the relatively still water."

"There is a certain angle of force between the hand and the forward direction, and the power, lift, and fluid resistance produced by it have forward dynamic factors."

"In swimming, lift, although it can appear in any direction, is always at right angles to the direction of movement of the object relative to the fluid."

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3. High elbow paddling


Benefit: Fully hold the water during the stroke. Can give full play to the strength of large muscle groups to increase the stroke force.

Essentials: "Turn your forearm inward, lift your shoulders and elbows, and move your palms first."


4. Paddling acceleration


The stroke distance is better, the stroke time is better, and the stroke power is better.

Requirement of exertion: Give the force early and continue to accelerate.


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5. Rhythm point of swimming technique


The key to mastering swimming techniques is to find a strong support point for coordination and a rhythm point for grasping the hands and legs at the same time.

Butterfly stroke: The rhythm of two legs and rowing.

Breaststroke: the cooperation of reaching out and kicking.

Backstroke: Hold the water in your right hand, kick your left leg, and move your left arm.

Freestyle: Dive into the water with your left hand, paddle with your right hand, and kick with your right leg.


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6. Lean forward of body center of gravity


When swimming, you should feel like you are "sliding" from the mountain down, not "climbing" from the mountain.


7. Water sense problem

Comparing athletes to athletes, the sense of water is objective. For an athlete, the sense of water can be transformed and improved.

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