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Poor water quality in the swimming pool? Choosing the best swimming cap is the most important.

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Poor water quality in the swimming pool? Choosing the best swimming cap is the most important.

Swimming cap is one of the most basic equipment when swimming:

After wearing a swimming cap, the resistance is small, making swimming faster.

If you often swim without a swimming cap, your hair will dry out and turn yellow.


So how do you usually wear a swimming cap? Does the swimming cap cover your ears? What kind of swimming cap is good?


Do swimming caps cover ears when swimming?


In fact, the swimming cap is used to prevent ear shock and protect the head, which can effectively protect the hair and reduce the damage of the pool water to the hair, can reduce the resistance, and make the swimming speed faster. At the same time, prevent hair loss, dirty the pool water, and keep the pool water hygienic. In addition, people will not get their hands caught in their hair when swimming.


Regarding whether or not to wear a swimming cap to cover the ears, this is a matter of opinion. Many athletes will cover their ears in order to further reduce resistance, and many people feel that it is very uncomfortable to put their ears on. This is just a matter of individual.

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What kind of swimming cap is good?


The types of swimming caps can be roughly divided into cloth caps, PU coated swimming caps, mesh caps, rubber swimming caps, silicone swimming caps, SPEEDO speed ratio Tao and other international brands launched various types of swimming caps containing elastic fibers.

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The materials for swimming caps are usually rubber, and elastic fabrics similar to swimsuits. Basically, you can choose according to your preferences. The life of rubber is relatively short, and it is not easy to save. It is recommended to choose a silicone swimming cap. The silicone swimming cap has good elasticity and good adhesion to the head. It can prevent the hair from directly contacting the pool water and get wet. It also has a warming effect in winter.


If children want to swim, it is recommended to wear cloth caps, because children themselves are not very likely to bring swimming caps, and almost all are playing with the water family, cloth caps are beautiful and cheap, of course, the first choice.


How to wear a swimming cap?


1. Prepare several hair clips before swimming. They should be flat. The flatter the better, the longer.


2. After changing the swimsuit, put your hair up and set it to the top of your head. Remember to set the hair evenly. Don’t set your hair to a point, otherwise it will look bulging, try to tighten it, and then use Hold the clip so that it collapses and clings to the scalp. Try not to make it too fluffy. Basically, just a few clips are enough to press the hair against the scalp.


3. It's time to wear a swimming cap. It's not a big deal to wear a swimming cap. Pull the mouth of the swimming cap as far as possible. Be careful with your head. Remember to cover your hair. If you can't cover all of them, step 2 is not done. It is normal that the hair tail can't be closed, and then slowly hold the hair tail into the hat by hand. It doesn't need to be neat, just plug the hair in. If the step 2 is done well and the hair clips are close enough, wearing a hat should not feel a little convex.