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Points that are easily overlooked in freestyle

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Fingers slightly apart


After reading a lot of textbooks, it is clearly written "finger together". "Fingers close together" is easy to understand. Only draw close together to draw water, otherwise it will leak. But "finger separation" requires a bit of pondering. The specific physical principle is to rely on the tension of the water to separate it slightly. Not only does it not leak, but it also increases the ability of his palm to draw water. The sense of resistance on the hand is very obvious. (Like the legendary duck palm). Of course, the specific distance of separation is determined according to the shape of each person's hand, which is about 0.3-0.5 cm apart.



Stretch your arm a little further


In freestyle, the extension of the arm after entering the water is a guarantee of the efficiency of the stroke. It is necessary to consciously stretch your arms far and far in front, like trying to chase a baby who is about to escape. This kind of forward stretch can make one side of the waist stretch, which is very helpful for breathing relaxation, and also increases the floating on the water. Time is a good buffer for physical strength; effective forward extension also helps the turning movement, no additional effort is needed to help the turning. Of course, the most important effect of the forward is to extend the stroke distance to the longest. Note that the chin of the head should not be stretched when the arm is stretched forward, and the chin should always be in a low position regardless of underwater or ventilation.



Push the hand back a little bit


The water can only be released after the hand is pushed and pushed. If the water is not pushed thoroughly, the hand will be lifted when it reaches the waist and hips. Such a stroke is almost half the effect. Before getting out of the water, put your hands on the outside of your thighs, a bit like the position of the "right" hand of the military camp. After the water is out, raise the delivery arm by the elbow, and let the fingers move on the water in the shortest distance, and then enter the water again.

swim kickboard


Lazy legs a little bit


At the beginning of the exercise, a lot of energy was spent on kicking water. This is correct and necessary. However, after learning the correct freestyle legs, in the long distance freestyle, the lack of kick will cause physical tension and excessive physical exertion. ,Difficulty breathing. Swimming for a long distance made the legs lazily drag behind, swinging twice like a pendulum. Of course, no matter how lazy, you have to straighten them together to minimize the resistance. Even if you are lazy, you have to move a little. If you dont move, your legs will sink. When struggling hard, "kick water" is the acceleration motor, but when swimming for a long distance, to save effort, you have to save kicking water, and free up the effort to make the two upper arms work more and more vigorously.



In short, swimming also needs to "plan", after careful calculation, can produce high efficiency. The most important ones are: relax, relax, relax! Tension is the enemy of swimming!