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How long each swim can help lose weight

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Many people use swimming to lose weight. This is indeed a very good way to lose weight, but how long does it take to swim every day to achieve the goal of weight loss and fitness? This is what many people want to know. And summer is here, swimming is indeed a very good thing, it is also a very good method of fitness, let's take a look at swimming related knowledge.


Can swimming every day lose weight?

01  High resistance


Since the resistance of water when swimming is much greater than the resistance of air when exercising on land, walking in the water is hard, and swimming again will definitely consume more calories.


02  More calories


When swimming, because the density and heat transfer performance of water is greater than that of air, the thermal conductivity of water is 26 times greater than that of air. That is to say, at the same temperature, the human body loses heat more than 20 times faster in water than in air. It effectively consumes calories, so the body consumes more energy when exercising in water than on land. The energy supply depends on the consumption of sugar and fat in the body.


03  Muscle movement


When a person swims in the water, strokes with both arms and kicks or kicks with both legs at the same time, all the muscles of the whole body participate in the exercise, which can make the muscles of the whole body get good exercise.

Regular swimming exercises can gradually remove excess body fat without becoming obese. When swimming, the buoyancy, resistance and pressure of water are an excellent massage for the human body, and it can also play a beautifying effect on the skin.

swimming time

When exercising on land, because of the weight of obese people, the body (especially the lower limbs and waist) has to bear a heavy load of gravity, which reduces the exercise capacity and is prone to fatigue, which greatly reduces the interest in weight loss exercises and can damage the lower limbs. Joints and bones. The swimming event is carried out in the water, and a considerable part of the weight of the obese person is borne by the buoyancy of the water, so the lower limbs and waist will be much easier, and the risk of joint and bone damage is greatly reduced.

How to swim to lose weight?



Look for the comfort of floating body immediately after entering the water. Middle-aged and elderly people or those with weak physique use the smallest possible movements to maintain the floating movement. You can use two hands to paddle, adjust the breathing, close your eyes as if you are going to sleep, suddenly wake up or open your eyes, it feels better than lying down Water comes out immediately when you are comfortable in bed.


When you exit the water, move slowly, feel the weight of your body in the water, compare the feeling of floating in the water with the sense of gravity on land. Someone is physically strong and it is difficult to feel this kind of feeling. Then swim a certain distance, the movement frequency should be low, and the limit is not to increase the heartbeat.

How long can I lose weight by swimming every day?

Swimming is a healthy aerobic exercise. A 2-3 hour swimming exercise can reduce 1-2 kg of body weight. As long as time and energy allow, there is no limit to how long you must swim once. Swimming every day or 2-3 times a week are good exercises.

swimming trian

For friends who want to lose weight through swimming, it is best to stick to or maintain a certain pattern. Adhere to diet and regular exercise to ensure weight control.

As for how long you should swim each time, 40-60 minutes is generally recommended. If you swim for too long, you will be overly fatigued. If the swimming time is too short to achieve the exercise effect, generally the best swimming effect is to swim until you feel comfortable but not tired.

The swimming time should be from short to long, and the swimming time for one or one day should not exceed 2-3 hours, during which it needs to be divided into several sections. Because the water temperature is 10 ℃ lower than body temperature, long-term swimming will cause chills as the body loses heat. This is a signal that the body’s heat loss has begun to exceed the heat production. At this time, you should go ashore immediately to warm your body. Otherwise, the continuous drop in body temperature will lower the core temperature of the body, and serious symptoms such as heart rhythm disturbance and unconsciousness will occur, which will cause people to lose their motivation to move, or even drown.


The editor reminds that you should pay attention to replenishing water during swimming. During the swimming interval, you should add 500-1000ml of fluid to maintain water in the body and maintain acid-base balance.

Technical movements are very important when swimming. If the technical movements are not standardized, not only the purpose of the exercise will not be achieved, but the muscles that should be exercised will not be exercised. This is what people often say is wrong. After swimming, I feel hungry and have a great appetite. If I eat too much, I can’t lose my weight.