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How do adults practice swimming?

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Many people realize that most people who swim very well have been trained regularly when they were young, and people without "child skills" will encounter various problems such as unpleasant swimming, ugly movements, and tired after a swim. In fact, as long as the training method is correct, adult swimming can also swim very well.


Pay attention to basic skills training and cultivate water sense


Let's talk about water first. Water feel is similar to the ball sense of playing and needs more practice. When you go into the water often, you will feel that the water is very familiar, and the paddling is very "walking", and if you don't practice for a week, your body will feel very heavy, because the water feels worse. Swimming is a technical activity that emphasizes physical coordination. All technical activities can't be improved without basic skills. For us adults, the process of learning to swim is too anxious to move forward, and the result is that the harder we go, the less we move forward. There are two main problems:

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1. Skip a lot of basic skills training, which often leads to uncoordinated movement coordination.


2. To develop more advanced training content without cultivating a good sense of water, the practice efficiency is very low.


If you want to solve these problems, you must practice basic skills. When necessary, ask a professional coach to help yourself. The coach will help to develop a preliminary training plan, and it is much more efficient to travel with purpose. Only if you spend time practicing basic skills solidly and have a good sense of water, can you progress faster.

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Develop a suitable training plan


Some friends swim quite well, but swimming training always starts from the water and swims to the water, and it does not stop every time. In fact, if you change the training plan, it will greatly improve training efficiency and training fun.

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For example, basic skills are kicking, because the legs are far from the heart and recovery is relatively slow. The best way is to put the kicks in the first stage of each training, such as 8X50 legs. At this time, you have enough physical strength to hit the legs with full strength. , The training effect will be better. As another example, the training of 1000 meters can be changed to 4321, that is 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m. 400m at a more relaxed speed, 300m at 70%, 200m, 100m at full strength, this kind of training will be much more effective, and it will also be more interesting. The gradually decreasing distance will also make you less stressed psychologically . Looking at long distance swimming, you can stipulate that you train in accordance with the rhythm of 4 strokes and even 6 strokes.


Adult swimmers find a training program that suits them more effectively, and they can also enjoy more fun in the water. If you swim according to a different training plan each time, and you can also train a variety of swimming strokes alternately, while developing a sense of water, there will be more progress in strength and endurance.


Don't train too much


In many land sports, strength training is a very important part. But this is not the case for swimming, especially for adult swimming, too much strength training is counterproductive.


During swimming, muscles always tighten from relaxation to relaxation and then tighten again with paddling. Just like many rubber bands, they do their work in an elastic way. Before warming up on the land before swimming, we should try our best to relax the muscles and pull the ligaments apart, just like a lot of loose rubber bands, it will relax more when swimming, and the stiff muscles are very tired when swimming. If you have too much strength training to form that kind of tight big muscles, it is actually not suitable for swimming. This is why the muscles of swimmers look very well-proportioned.


For our adults learning to swim, pay attention to avoid too much practice of strength, strength exercises will not be of much help to swimming. Only after having a certain swimming foundation and reaching a certain amount of daily training, proper land-based auxiliary training will be added to the training plan.


Find a group to train together


There are coaches and teammates, and the training efficiency is the highest; no coaches and teammates are second; and the efficiency of individual training is the lowest. In fact, even the world's top swimmers will arrange training together to promote improvement.


Adult swimming training needs more training together. For the social people who go to get off work every day and occasionally work overtime, it is not easy to take time to swim. If there is no teammates supervising each other, it is more difficult to persevere, let alone ensure the quality of swimming training. There are a few examples around me. They started learning to swim after they were 30 years old. After more than a year of collective training, the 1500-meter freestyle swimming can reach 22 points, which is unimaginable before they start swimming.