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Freestyle skills--Uncoordinated skills practice

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Uncoordinated technique practice (UncoDrill) is a very special training method that can help you improve your swimming rhythm and timing. This technique integrates the various elements of freestyle and forces the catch at the right time. , Push water and turn body movements, and even improve the timing of your breathing.



Unco is short for "uncoordinated". This training method is effective for almost all swimmers, even some top masters. This training basically integrates all the freestyle technical elements and can run at the correct time. This training is very It is challenging and the effect is immediate.

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If you are a swimmer who has taxied for the elderly, or there is a dead point or pause during your swimming, and there is a long-term loss of power for the non-skiing arm, and there is a lack of arm bending and catching action ( Due to the long sliding, miss the opportunity to catch the water when the body rolls) unilateral breathing (mainly because the sliding time is too long, the balance is not well controlled, and you can only use strong side breathing), scissors kick (used to maintain balance when sliding) ) If you try Unco training, it is very challenging, but very useful.

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In Unco training, it is recommended that you use fins (unless you have very strong kicking skills). This is a one-arm training method where one arm is placed on the side of the body while the other is doing a complete stroke.


Try a 4*100m training, each 100m contains:



25m left arm Unco+25m right side ventilation freestyle+25m right arm Unco+25m left side ventilation freestyle


Action description: Place a 50-meter left arm on the side of the body, and a 50-meter right arm on the side of the body. The method of placing the arm on the side of the body is the same as the video below (the editor only found such a video, but this video only addresses the method of placing the arm on the side of the body, which is not the case for other actions). The method of ventilation is to place the left arm on the side of the body, and when the right arm is stroked, the left side will be ventilated for 25 meters, then the right side is the rower side for 25 meters, and then the right arm is placed on the side of the body, and the left arm is stroked. In the water, the air ventilates 25 meters on the right side and 25 meters on the left side.



Feeling of training

Since you only use one arm, there will be a gap between the two strokes. Unco will always introduce a surge in this gap. This surge is always forward because of the thrust of the stroke. If you feel your body ups and downs on the surface of the water, it means that you are pressing down on the front side of the stroke. This is your rise, and it will not produce any propelling force, but will make your legs. Sink, causing drag force. If you feel that your body is shaking up and down vertically, then you need to work hard to improve your grasp, paying attention to pressing the water backwards instead of downwards.


When you finish the Unco training, swim freestyle immediately, you will deeply feel the magic of this training method. It is recommended that you do not take off your fins and go directly to a short distance coordinated swim after Unco training, and feel the rhythm and timing of the easy arm stroke.