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Freestyle learning skills

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When we see others swimming freely, our body moves forward like a straight boat in the water. No ventilation and distortion can be seen at all. We are all very envious. It may feel good when we didn't take a video of our swimming, but when we watched the video, we found that we were bullied up and down. Twisted and swayed left and right. It's not as beautiful as others at all, and I haven't found the problem there. The freestyle that I practiced from the start can understand everyone's feelings. At that time, I was also very confused. I looked at various forums and had various comments. Finally, I tried this to adjust, change, and it's much better now.

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The main reasons are as follows:


Before learning self-swimming, I suggest contacting more and drifting in the water. One is to straighten the body and the other is to perceive balance.


The method is: Lie on the surface of the water, stretch your right hand straight and hold the left hand, and stretch forward. Straighten your body, press your head down as hard as you can, and put your arms between your ears. The toes are slightly straightened, and the legs try their best to face the water. The whole body must be able to maintain balance in the water. And it has been maintained. Until the ventilation. If not, we feel that our legs will sink. It must be the wrong use of power.


This is a particularly good training method for freestyle, which can make you understand. Waist strength, abdominal strength, first class in freestyle.

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 Shake the body up and down. 

This is a frequent occurrence for beginners, and I find it difficult to swim. It was caused by lifting the head upwards during the ventilation. For beginners, turning around for ventilation. There is a kind of fear in the heart that always feels that the mouth is in the water and cannot breathe air. So turning the body will look up unnaturally. The way I train is, 1. Remind myself to press my head. 2. Close your eyes when turning around for breathing. Don't go to see if you can see the water. But to perceive. Is the mouth above the water?


Distorted body during freestyle swimming. 

This is one of the biggest problems I encountered in freestyle. Watching the many videos on Post Bar, it is probably because of this situation. There are still many freestylers who may not have seen what they look like when they swim, so they dont know that their bodies are twisted. It just feels that I swim hard, but I still swim unhappy.

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Distortion of the body in water, mainly due to the lack of force in the waist and abdomen. 

At this point, many swimmers do not know where the waist strength is? What is it like. Ass up, chest down. This piece is the waist and abdomen. When swimming, use a little force to fix the upper and lower parts of the body. We often see others, especially, the full-dipping pinch-leg freestyle swimming is particularly easy and effortless. When we tried it, we found out why no one can swim fast. The relaxation we see is not necessarily true relaxation. The main training of leg swimming is waist strength. People's waist and abdomen have been using force to fix the shaking of their lower body. Keep your body straight. The key to all body distortions is the lack of force in the waist and abdomen. Swim in the water shyly.


Wrong arm movement


Freestyle swimmers tend to ignore it. The movement of arm movements feels very simple. Just look at it and imitate it. The movement of the arm is divided into water and surface. I don't say much in the water. Just two, 1. Hold the water hard and push the water. Don't do anything, just say it hard. 2. Raise your elbows in the water. I watched this video, and few of them are elevated. Why raise the elbow, I said, we hold the water hard, pushing the water is to make our body move forward quickly. So the direction of force is best to be parallel to our body on the upper water surface. If we hug the water, push the water down, hug the water back, and push it toward the bottom of the swimming pool at the same time. A waste of power does not say. The body will go up and down.

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Arm movements on the water: There are too many mistakes, we always forget the word, move arm, move arm, move. Forgotten by us. Many swimmers send their arms forward on the surface of the water, especially those who don't have much effort in the water. Watching them swim, the stroke efficiency is low. When sending their arms on the water surface, their arms are low from the surface and their movements are rigid. When I stretch my arms forward, I have to breathe, and my body will naturally be distorted. Even the delivery exceeded the midline. The distortion is large. Arm shifting means that after holding and pushing in the water, the elbow is naturally raised, and the arm is under a little inertia. Move forward and stretch forward. When we don't need to push the water from hand to waist, we start to send it forward. Some people say what to do with swimming that moves the arm quickly. Move the arm quickly, not fast. But holding the water harder in the water, on the water surface, the inertia is greater and faster. Experience more when you can practice.


Finally, of course, there are many other reasons that cause the body to be slightly twisted and shaken. For example, the strength of both hands is uneven, and the legs are kicking water. I'm too tired to type, so I won't say more. The main reason is that the waist and abdomen are strong.