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Four swimming movements focus on trained muscles

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We know that aerobic exercise is good for fat-reducing shaping, and anaerobic strength exercise is good for muscle gain. Swimming is classified as aerobic exercise, which is one of the best exercises for weight loss. But in fact, as a swim, the boundary between aerobic and anaerobic is relatively vague. In addition to one of the ways to lose weight by aerobics, swimming exercise can also exercise the muscles in the corresponding parts and promote muscle growth.


For young children who are not prone to excessive and premature equipment strength training, swimming is undoubtedly a safe and healthy exercise option for increasing body muscle volume and strength. Of course, for adults, in addition to fat-loss shaping, swimming is also a gentle muscle-building exercise.


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        Let's take a look at the different focuses of the four swimming strokes on muscle training:




The freestyle and backstroke styles are the upper and lower lashes of the thigh. Only the breaststroke is the kick clip. The former can make the legs more slender, while the latter breaststroke uses the thigh and quadriceps muscles, so it is very effective for strengthening the leg strength.


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       Butterfly-chest and waist


Butterstroke, the arm is drawn inwards, similar to doing chest expansion exercises, the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, and the shoulders (the three anterior, posterior, and posterior bundles of deltoid muscles) exert more force, and the exercise effect is also the best.


Freestyle and backstroke rely on the thighs to drive the lower legs to draw water, and butterfly strokes rely on the waist and abdomen to drive the entire lower extremity of the legs to do the dolphin legs. Therefore, the requirements for waist strength and coordination are very high. Butterfly strokes are immediate for abdominal rectus exercises, so Butterfly swimmers often have strong and beautiful abdominal muscles..

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Freestyle-biceps and triceps


During freestyle swimming, although the leg kick provides a lot of forward power, the upper arm is more demanding. During the swimming process, the biceps and triceps of the upper arm provide direct power for forward movement, so freestyle can be effective Exercise the arm (arm) muscles. Every time Junyu completed the 1000m freestyle, his arms were sore and sore. He needed to be afraid of massage to relax.


In addition, the freestyle swimming also has a certain role in promoting the strength of the shoulder muscles (especially the anterior deltoid muscle).


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       Backstroke-Latissimus dorsi


Backstroke, the latissimus dorsi muscle will be more, can make the back muscles stretch. In addition, the backstroke also requires gliding, which is also an exercise for the buttocks.


To sum up the four swimming strokes to focus on the muscles, you can choose your favorite swimming stroke, focus on strengthening the strength training of a certain part of the body, and can also more targeted to reduce body fat. Of course, the premise is that you must know all four swimming styles. Let's summarize it again.

swim trianing (1)


Breaststroke: practice leg strength-swimming breaststroke, when the leg clip is used more of the thigh femoral quadriceps, so it is very effective for strengthening the leg strength.


Butterstroke: chest strength-during butterfly swimming, the arms are drawn inwards, similar to doing chest expansion exercises, which is very helpful for shaping the chest shape.


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Freestyle swimming: arm strength-when swimming freestyle, the biceps and triceps of the upper arm exert more force, which can effectively exercise the arm muscles, and at the same time improve the strength of the shoulder muscles, which helps to build a strong arm;


Backstroke: Back strength-when swimming backstroke, the back muscles will exert more force, which can make the back muscles stretch.



Therefore, everyone must not learn freestyle, and no longer swim frogs. Best, four swimming styles swim at the same time.


Worst, but also butterflies, frogs, self, so that most of the muscles can be exercised.