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Factors affecting swimming speed

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Factors affecting swimming speed

1.Water pressure


When swimming, the water in the front is under high pressure to form a high pressure, and the water in the rear is forming a low pressure, which causes a force to hold you back (this is why people who learn to swim are like bike or car racers and like to follow others In the back, the low pressure formed behind the body of the person in front will attract the person in the back and make the person in the back feel less effort). Shape resistance is the square of speed, that is, if the speed is 1 times faster, the resistance will increase 4 times.


Because the size and shape of the body determine the strength of the shape resistance, the best way to reduce the shape resistance when swimming is to imagine that the body passes through a very small circle in the water. If your body is very streamlined (like kicking off the poolside), any movement by your hands, feet or head will increase your physical resistance. Therefore, it takes more than 1 hour of patience to focus on how to keep your body slender and smooth when you focus on how to paddle or ventilate, which is far better than 100 hours of training without a goal.

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During breaststroke and butterfly stroke, the body has the smallest form resistance when it is streamlined under the water. Therefore, during breaststroke, the body should maintain the above-mentioned position for two thirds of each stroke of the water; during butterfly stroke, it should also be in Keep the above position between strokes.


2.Water wave resistance


Water wave resistance consumes a lot of strength of swimmers. The faster you swim, the larger the water wave, that is, the strength is used to stir the water wave, not the forward thrust. As mentioned earlier, if the speed is doubled, the shape resistance will be increased by 4 times; the water wave resistance is even more powerful, if the speed is doubled, the shape resistance will be increased to the third power; that is, the speed is doubled and the water resistance is 8 times larger.


One of the reasons why fish (and when the human body is streamlined in water) can move fast is that they can't afford water waves in water, so the water wave resistance is insignificant. That's why when swimmers turn around and kick off the pool, they try their best to advance 15 meters in the water (this is also the upper limit of the game rules). Dwarf players are more advantageous in breaststroke and butterfly, as both positions have considerable time to advance in the water. On the other hand, tall players almost dominate the freestyle and backstroke events, because height and length can reduce water resistance on the water surface.

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Of course, most of the time you are swimming may be on the water. At this time, the leveling is related to whether the water wave resistance can be reduced.


The two most important ways to reduce water wave resistance


(1) Remember to lengthen the body line every time you stroke. The [body] line in the water line is smaller in terms of water resistance than the width.

(2) The stroke should be smooth; the movement is short and fast, and it is easy to provoke water splashes. Stretching and slowly paddling, it is not easy to cause splashes or waves, and the resistance is small.


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3.surface resistance


Surface resistance is the resistance caused by the friction between water and skin. There is no action technique to change this natural law, but if you wear the right swimsuit, you can improve this resistance. As long as you take off the loose big swim trunks and put on a small swim trunk, the difference is immediately obvious. Since 2000 AD, athletes have been concerned about swimwear, they will wear high-tech swimwear made of special materials to reduce resistance. These materials are smoother than the skin, and the contestants wear a jumpsuit from the neck to the ankles and wrists. For those of us who are amateurs, as long as we have a close-fitting Lycra or ordinary fiber swimwear made of artificial fiber, we can run off the water.