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Common mistakes of backstroke

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Causes and Corrections of Common Errors in Backstroke Leg Movements


1. The knees are exposed to the water when kicking.

direct cause:

A: Hip bend.

B: Not enough thigh depression.


Correction method:

A: The hip joint is fully expanded, the thigh is actively pressed down, and the knee is braked in time when kicking up.

B: Learn the essentials of action by hitting water with straight legs.



2. The legs sink, so splashes cannot be kicked.

direct cause:

A: The head is too high for fear of choking.

B: The kick is too large and the thigh is pressed too deeply.


Correction method:

A: Learn the correct breathing method, emphasizing slightly raising your head, slightly raising your chest, and forming a straight supine position.

B: Small amplitude and fast frequency kicks. Straight leg press down to relax, bend the leg to kick hard.

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3. The calf kicks the water.

direct cause:

A: The thighs are too tight, and I only rely on knee flexion and extension to draw water.


Correction method:

A: It is emphasized that the thigh drives the calf to whip water, and pay special attention to the active push down of the thigh.

B: Learn the essentials of action by hitting water with straight legs.


Causes of common errors in backstroke coordination and corrective methods

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1. "Sit" and swim.

direct cause:

A: The abdomen is retracted and the hips are bent, and the hips sink.

B: The head is too high for fear of choking.


Correction method:

A: Ask to raise your head slightly, straighten your chest slightly, expand your hips, and immerse the back of your head in water.

B: Form the correct supine posture through exercises such as lying on the back, kicking and sliding, and kicking on the back.

C: Strengthen the practice of basic breathing methods to eliminate water fear.



2. Uncoordinated arm and leg coordination.

direct cause:

A: Gu stroked his arms and forgot to kick his legs.


Correction method:

A: Strengthen kicking exercises.

B: Emphasize on kicking the water with both legs without stopping.

C: Use the practice of stopping kicking and swimming in after the arm enters the water to experience the essentials of the action.

D: Use rhythmic and coordinated exercises. You can do 6 water kicks and one arm stroke.