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A few tricks to make you a hero in water quickly!

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A few tricks to make you a hero in water quickly!

Turn the freestyle elegantly and easily, and turn smoothly, and you will find yourself as a fish. The full immersion method is a training method that is very suitable for amateurs. It can swim long distances without swimming fatigue, and has a more beautiful posture and more efficient strokes.

To learn the full immersion freestyle, first find the dessert position


That position is after you master the balance in the back position, then practice the balance sideways and kick gently, always keeping your feet in the water marks behind you. When you are relaxed and balanced, turn your head up and look up. With your arms out and your head hidden, only the face is on the water, keeping the spine straight, and try different rotation angles until you find the most comfortable position, that is, dessert. Some people's desserts are 90 degrees, while others, especially thinner, have the best balance when the back is turned slightly at a certain angle.

Learn calm freestyle bilateral ventilation skills


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After three hard arm exercises, you can easily and smoothly enter the full swimming state. Maintain a consistent arm change timing.The rhythm is: look down, change arms, change arms, change arms, breathe, look down, then change arms, change arms, change arms, and go directly to the dessert position after three changes . After changing the rhythm of the arms, the center of gravity shift will also follow the rhythm, changing the center of gravity from one side to the other. And if you stretch your body as much as possible, you can smoothly turn around like a fish to form a beautiful and smooth swimming style.


Tread calmly on the water


More traditional method of pedaling: cycling feet, two feet alternately stepping down on the water like cycling, which is more tiring, because you have to step on it constantly; flexible method: breaststroke feet, like breaststroke, both feet are folded away Step down and step out. You do nt need to pinch your legs after you step out.

to sum up:

One word, calm. Stepping on the water is like walking. You can walk in any position you like.

Where else can I go for water?

Boldly swim in open waters



1. Remember to warm up before entering the water


Different from other sports, the warm-up before swimming can't be too "hot", otherwise you can jump into the water with sweat and stimulate the capillaries. So warming up should be necessary for joint movements and muscle stretching.


2.Select the coordinates

Before swimming in open waters, choose a sign from a distance for guidance. For example, a legible house, a boat, or a tall tree. Never refer to a moving object, as it may drift further away from the shore.


3. Have the necessary psychological qualities

The first time I went to swim in open waters, I experienced fear, and then encountered special situations later, and successfully overcome them, only to have a relatively complete psychological quality.


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Coping with bad weather


If you encounter sudden weather changes during swimming, you must first relax and change your swimming position at the same time. Try to use freestyle swimming or side-stroke to save physical strength. You may largely, or even all need to breathe unilaterally in waves.

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Cliff Diving (Dangerous Game)


Many foreigners have loved jumping into the water from a height since the time of the bear child, and have grown up. As long as they go to the island for a vacation, they still spend a lot of time in the sun, drinking beer, diving from the cliffs, climbing Come up and circulate in the sun and drink beer. In short, learning to dive in various poses from the cliffs by the sea, waterfalls, and rivers can make you friends.


Remember: enter your feet first, move as little as possible in the air, and stay with your partner. If anything goes wrong, you need help from a big guy.


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Cramps to save yourself


Your feet are cramped. Don't rush to the shore. The correct way is to take a deep breath, submerge your head into the water, make your back float on the water, grasp your toes with both hands, and pull firmly toward you, while pushing your legs hard. If you don't do it once, you can repeat it several times, and the muscle will slowly relax and return to its original state.


Increase belching time


1. During the inhalation preparation phase, continue to take a deep breath, take a deep breath to the extent of dizziness, exhaust the carbon dioxide in the body, and let the myoglobin be filled with oxygen.


2. During the belching phase, it is best for the brain to enter a meditation state. The first 1/3 is the most difficult. There is always a desire to breathe. Just stick to the past. When you can't stand it, spit the air from your lungs into your mouth and suck it in for a small cycle. Finally, exhale slowly for another few seconds. However, unless you are practicing diving, swimming is originally an aerobic exercise, not a belching exercise. Breathing is achieved by breathing during swimming. If you want to increase your lung capacity, you can run or run.